Making Friends Like Jesus

It is hard to find a friend. We want someone who likes us; some one flawless; someone who shares our worldview and our lifestyle. Where are these perfect people? No wonder many of us have no friends in church even after twenty years of attending the same place . However, this was not the case with Jesus. It took him less than three years to say to at least twelve people, “I have called you friends” (John 15:15). How many of us have twelve people who we truly can call ‘friends’?

I suppose the problem is that we do not see other people through the eyes of Jesus. We see them as thieves, drunks, immoral, unreliable, selfish, etc. These were actually the people Jesus saw as His friends. He saw them as the ones needing help, love, support, guidance. No wonder they were inviting Jesus to their parties and would run on foot to find him on the other side of the lake (Matt. 9:10; 14:13). Friendship for Jesus was nothing but immersing Himself into the life of those who needed help, and identifying with their joys, burdens and pain. Try this approach and you’ll never say that you do not have friends.


OAKS is off to a great start with two weeks of school already gone. Students and teachers took a break from their studies to enjoy a water day hosted by our Home and School organization led by Patty Geraghty. A big thank you to the many volunteers who came to help the kids play safely and to serve a yummy lunch. OAKS is very blessed with a community that supports our program in so many ways. More pictures and news to come on our OAKS Sabbath, September 25. -Shelly Caswell


Kitchen and Youth room renovations are going full speed. A huge Thank You to Laura Herren for coordinating these extremely important projects. Here is just a peek into the new kitchen:


Last minute preparations are being made for the Bible Seminar starting at our church in exactly seven days! Let this be the Seven Days of Prayer and Action. Below is a link to the seminar website:


Happy Sabbath. See you in the morning.

pastor Peter

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