Who Do You Worship?

This week I am starting a short sermon series based on the Book of Romans. In the heart of the first chapter we find an important issue of worship. God gave us the full revelation of His nature from the very beginning of this world, but we chose to ignore Him and worship something or someone else. Turning away from God we lose the battle with our sinful nature. We “exchange the truth about God for a lie” (1:25). The righteousness of God stands in stark contrast with the sinfulness of man and describes God’s holy and just character.

God could never forgive sinful men the trespasses and sins in a way that would compromise His own perfect character, and the wages of sin is eternal death to all who fall short of His unsurpassed righteousness. But God in His love and grace gave His only begotten Son, to be born into the human race, so that His sinless life would become the one and only payment to fully and finally satisfy the righteous requirements of God’s perfect Law. God’s righteous judgement on sin was secured at the Cross of Christ, purchasing forgiveness of sin to all who believe.

I invite you to study this chapter in more details this Sabbath morning.


I believe that cell groups are critically important for the church to be spiritually healthy. Currently there are several groups meeting weekly for fellowship and Bible studies. One of the groups meets on the veranda of the Gerber house. Mike Haughee, who attends these meetings shared a few photos with me from the early September meeting. Have you considered joining one of the existing cell groups? Would you be interested in starting a new group closer to your home? If yes, please contact me right away. We need this ministry to expand and to grow.


The first phase of the Healing in Jesus Bible seminar is over. We had a wonderful time together studying God’s Word and finding answers to the pressing needs of the present reality. I am very grateful to all our volunteers who have been doing their best in their various areas of responsibilities. Larry lined up great music for every night. Ann Weeden and her team were providing delicious food. Table leaders were building friendship ties with their guests. I felt blessed to share God’s Word and to lead the seminar participants to a decision to give their lives to Christ. Now we are in the second phase of the seminar with meetings continuing on Tuesdays and Thursdays at 6 PM in the Fellowship Hall. Its never late to join this class. Everyone is welcome to attend.

Below are a few photos from the Seminar and a short paragraph from Laura Standish who was leading the children’s program.

Kids Evangelistic Meetings – “A special thanks to Pastor Matt, Ron Malloch, Matt Geraghty and Laura Standish for their help with the kids series.  Each night, different bible character or topics were examined to correspond to the topics Pastor Peter shared with the adults.  From Creation to Jesus’ Life and Joseph to Daniel, the kids learned how healing can come through the hardest of times.  Here are a few pictures of the fun and faith-building that was had.” – Laura.


Last week Galena and I visited our daughter’s family in Flagstaff, AZ. Our daughter, Anastasia, is not in the photo as she was the photographer. We had a great time running and biking with the grandkids 🙂 They are adorable.


See you this Sabbath morning for the worship service.

pastor Peter

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