Jesus is the Living Water

“Christians fail to communicate to others because we ignore basic principles in a relationship. When we make condescending judgments or proclaim lofty words that don’t translate into action, or simply speak without first listening, we fail to love – and thus deter a thirsty world from Living Water. The good news about God’s grace goes unheard.” (P.Y.)


Our Adventurer families “camped” in the OAKS gym Saturday night, January 22 for our Lock-in.  Roller-cart derbies, musical chairs, and tag and find my shoe were just a few of the games that brought out the energy in our kids.  After an interesting night’s sleep, we awoke Sunday morning to a pancake breakfast followed by worship and more games. What a perfect location for our Lock-in, and a great time was had making memories!  


Pathfinders had a camping trip. Here is a photo report sent to me by the club Director, David Reynolds.


The Women’s Sabbath School class had a great time at the Local Goat Restaurant last week for dinner. Laura Herren reporting: ” We will be having dinner once a month moving forward to build relationships, fellowship, and friendships.”


I somehow missed an email message from BreeAn Adams about her trip to Kentucky. I am so glad that our church could be a part of this wonderful ministry. Here is a brief report and some pictures.

The week before Christmas, I got the opportunity to go to Mayfield, KY and do disaster relief from the tornadoes that went through. After getting back, I felt impressed to do something more for the community up there. After some thought and prayer, I started a back-to-school drive to collect backpacks and school supplies for the children who were affected by the tornadoes in Mayfield. God blessed the project and exceeded every goal I had. He knew exactly what the need was, and He ensured that we had exactly what was needed. Along the way were many faith growing moments, answers to prayer, and God always showing up right on time. What started as 5 backpacks ended up with 164 backpacks filled with school supplies! My dad (Wendel Adams) and I were able to deliver the backpacks to Mayfield last weekend. We handed out around 40 backpacks to children that we knew of in the community and were able to pass the rest on to the Mayfield Board of Education. They had been creating a list of children who lost school supplies in the tornados long before I ever contacted them. A teacher up there later shared with me that they were having trouble securing enough school supplies because they had bought out everything in that area. This project would not have been possible without God’s leading, prayers, donations, and support from many of you as well as people from across the U.S. This was God’s work all the way around, I was just blessed to be boots on the ground.


Matt Geraghty shared with me the following update from the Men’s Ministry group:

Last Sunday we were able to complete the demo stage of the deck and yard work for our project at Aubrey’s house. We are in the process of assisting in ordering the needed wood and materials to rebuild the deck and sure up some of the pieces on the house. We are also looking to get a small dumpster to assist in removing the old material.


A couple of weeks ago we had to postpone the Women’s Ministry event because of the weather. The new date for the Achieving Your Superwoman is February 6.


Happy Sabbath. I plan to see you this Sabbath morning.

pastor Peter

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