Bread From Heaven

“The food we eat at one meal does not satisfy us forever. We must daily partake of food. So we must daily eat the Word of God that the life of the soul may be renewed. In those who feed constantly upon the Word, Christ is formed, the hope of glory. A neglect to read and study the Bible brings spiritual starvation…. ” (OHC)


Last Sabbath morning I received the following text message (unedited version 🙂 ) and photos from Richard Johnson:

“Well praise God we did it although I feel like Gideon because over half of my crew was not there either because of fear or being out of town but with four helpers and myself we broke the record of feeding 171 people. They said that we beat Silverdale Baptist Church for feeding the most people in the last three months.
The leader Prince, who I have made good friends with came in 30 mins early so we could get things done. 
I had prayer with and for him and at the end he wanted to put my number in his phone. 
I was able to hand out literature to those we fed, as I left and they were so happy for it. 
So praise God for it all, why He even provided a quarter when I went to ALDIs and had so much to get, with no quarter to get a cart, but I felt impressed to go and He would provide and He did and always will. “

Richard, I am pretty confident that after this report you will be getting more volunteers willing to help. God bless you!


Here are a few photos from the Friendship Class after the Christmas party. Thank you, Mike Haughee, for sharing these pictures with us.


From David Reynolds, the club director: “Our Timberwolves Pathfinder Club is excited to announce that next Sabbath, February 12, is Pathfinder Sabbath. Mark your calendars and plan to worship with us and support our young people and our Pathfinder Ministry.”


I am sure you will be excited to hear that our Cornerstone Building Fund is almost at the $800,000 mark! Praise God for each donated dollar. Thank you for remembering your pledges and generously donating to the advance of our ministry in this community. The architectural drawings are almost completed. You will be hearing more in the next few weeks.


Have a blessed Sabbath day. I plan on seeing you tomorrow.

With Christian love,

pastor Peter

One thought on “Bread From Heaven

  1. I haven’t heard any advertisements for it, but the Adventist Theological Society will be meeting in person tomorrow for the first time in the last two years due to the pandemic. Pastor Ron Clouzet, a former member of the Ooltewah Church, will be speaking about missions in the secular world at 3:30 in Lynn Wood Hall Chapel at Southern. It did not get in the bulletin, so it would be good if a public announcement could be made for those who would be interested in attending. Thanks.


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