The Lord is our Banner.

I remember reading a story about a sergeant during World War II. He was a part of a small unit surrounded by the surpassing army of the enemy. Any attempts to get out of the circle of fire would result in a storm of bullets and blasts. They were losing hope and courage preparing for the worst. It was at this moment that the sergeant grabbed the flag of their country, raised it high up and ran forward. The other soldiers, shocked and inspired by the sergeant’s bravery, followed him towards the river where there was a path to safety.

The battle with the Amelekites was not an easy one for the Israelites. (Exodus 17). There were casualties and moments of retreat. When the enemy was defeated Moses built an altar and called it The Lord is my Banner.

Banners and flags are important. They represent our allegiance. They remind us of past victories. They inspire us to move forward. They show who our captain is. Are you tired of losing your battles? Look up and see if you are holding God as your Banner.


Here is a photo from Laura Herren: “Another fabulous night out with the women’s sabbath school class. Storm kept some home. But I still wanted to share. We eat out the 2nd Thursday every month. “


The Love in Action ministry needs your hands. Here are a few photos from the recent project:

The Love in Action group has been helping around the yard with one of our church members. The deck was rotted as well as the siding around the deck and chimney. The deck is going up this Sunday and the front yard got a lot of love through pruning, mulch and clean up. A heartfelt Thank You to y’all!


Cornerstone Building Fund is over $800,000! Let us start praying about reaching $1 million by April 1st. There is nothing impossible for the Lord when we are advancing our ministry under His Banner.


Here are a couple of photos from the recent baptisms:


Visit the church website to read the latest church bulletin, to learn more about the New Church Pictorial directory, upcoming International Food Festival, Agape Feast, etc


Please pray about the people in Eastern Europe. Let the Lord keep them safe. I am planing to go there in the month of March for the recording of a new series of sermons for the spring evangelism in the Euro-Asia Division. Both Ukraine and Russia are in that same Division. Let our Heavenly Father grant them wisdom and peace.


Happy Sabbath. I hope to see you tomorrow morning.

pastor Peter

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