How Long, O Lord?

“How long, O Lord?” cried David in Psalm 13. This has been my cry since Wednesday night when Russia attacked Ukraine. How long, O Lord, will the injustice rule? How long will the innocent people suffer? It is just heartbreaking to see the sufferings of millions of people living in Ukraine. I am in regular communication with the pastors and church members from Eastern Ukraine and from Kyiv. They share with me the horrors of the war which came into their cities and towns. Many pastors are not trying to hide, but actually the opposite, they are trying to move the elderly and their families with little children to safer areas. A pastor from Kyiv shared with me last night how he had to evacuate his wife and two daughters. Its almost impossible to buy gas or groceries. After moving his family away from the capital he returned to Kyiv to continue his ministry. What great courage and sacrifice.

My plans to go to Ukraine in March are now postponed. I am supposed to fly to Moscow on March 10 to work with the Hope Channel Russia on a new series of evangelistic meetings. I am not sure if this trip will be possible as several international airlines announced today that they are canceling their flights to Russia. Please pray for guidance for me from above. These people need to hear the message of hope. I’ll keep you posted on my plans.

Thank you for your prayers for Ukraine. There will be a special online prayer meeting tonight (Friday, February 25) @ 6 PM on ZOOM. Pastor Matthew will lead the meeting. Here is the link:


Here is an update from Matt Geraghty, Men’s Ministry leader:

“First Off – Sunday morning at 9 am we will have our monthly Men’s Ministry Breakfast.  Please feel free to invite a friend to join us.   As always if you are interested in assisting with the prep work and cooking please feel free to do so by joining us there at 8:30 am. 

Secondly – Immediately following the breakfast we have been asked to assist with in a basic setup of the Fellowship Hall for the Music and Marinara program that is set for Sunday evening.  The setup will involve a row of 8 Long rectangular tables down the middle with the circular tables placed throughout the remainder of the church on both sides of the center aisle.

Lastly We are SOOO CLOSE to finishing a major Love in Action Program and I appreciate all of the assistance we have had there.  While we are still hoping to finish it up on Sunday following the breakfast, it does look like we may be rained out and need to reschedule the final day of building for another Sunday.

Before I end this email, I would be remiss if I didn’t ask all of you to continue to pray for Ukraine and the soon end of the attacks by Russia.”


Youth/Earliteen Flashlight Tag was fun! Thank you, Jennie, for the photos:


Tomorrow morning we’ll celebrate another baptism. Elianna Jeffery completed her Bible studies and is excited about giving her life to Jesus.


Don’t forget about the International Food Festival tomorrow at 6 PM! If you bring a dish of your ethnic background that would be awesome, if not just come to taste food from all around the globe.


Happy Sabbath! I plan to worship with you tomorrow in the morning.

pastor Peter

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