Come to the Lord’s Table

I invite you to join the communion service at our church tonight, March 25, at 6:30 PM. Twice a year our Communion is celebrated as the Agape Feast. We come together, share food, music, and testimonies. I hope to see you at the Lord’s table tonight.

This Sunday our church is presenting a major health event for the people in our community. The Health Expo will take place on the parking lot of the Samaritan center. The Expo starts at 1 PM. The tent is already up. Memorial hospital is bringing their mammogram van. There will be many booth/stations where people will find many helpful tests, consultations, and resources. Come and support our Health Ministry team. This is what our mission is all about.

Talking about our mission I m happy to share with you a few photos sent to me by Laura. This is our Love is Action ministry team helping a local family.


Heartfelt Thank You to everyone who contributed to the Light of Hope ministry. You’ve raised over $40,000 for the families in Ukraine. Because of your donations, food is being provided for the starving people in Kharkov, Kiev, Chernigov, and many other locations in Ukraine. East Ukrainian conference pastors and administration are grateful for your financial support as they continue to move families from the active war zones. Here are a few fresh photos from the conference president.


Come soon, O Lord Jesus!

Your friend and pastor Peter

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