Meeting God

Moses had courage to ask God for something that was unimaginable … to see God’s glory. Moses wasn’t rude or arrogant. His request was the result of his close relationship with God. They talked all the time. They shared the same mission. Moses knew God’s voice and His character, but he wanted more. If we grow in our relationship with God we will always want more and more of Him. When I go to visit my little grandchildren I always laugh when I hear them say, “I want you, Grandpa!” They know that I have a job and many other responsibilities, but they eagerly pull me into their play area… Come, be with me, play with me. I want you. That’s how Moses felt about God. Do you feel the same way about your God?


The worship service last Sabbath was absolutely perfect. I feel sorry for all of you who went somewhere else and missed the uplifting music of the orchestra and the choir. Not many churches are as blessed as the Ooltewah Adventist Church. Thank you, Mary Wilcox. Thank you, Larry.


The Pathfinders had a great time during their pool party last Sunday. David shared a few photos and a brief report below.

“The Pathfinders went last Sunday to the pool at SAU and completed swimming honors started earlier in the year at Fort Mountain Lake during one of our campouts. They also enjoyed just mingling and diving in the pool and snacks.”

This weekend the Pathfinders are down at Cohutta Springs for Camporee.

Are your children members of the Pathfinder Club at our church? If not, talk to David Reynolds.


The Cornerstone Building fund is constantly growing. Thank you for your wonderful support. The elders recommended to set a new goal of reaching 1.5 million by September 1, 2022. Please pray about your participation in this ministry growth.


The war in Ukraine is bringing horrible devastation to millions of people. Thank you for your loving and generous support. Your donations are being sent daily to various regions of Ukraine. You are helping them with food, shelter, refugee camps, text books for the children, etc. Pastor Lev, the East Conference president shared the following video with me from Mariupol. It is a very short video. At the very end of it you’ll see our SDA church building (on the right side of the road) completely destroyed. It was in that building that I preached just 3 years ago. Great pain … the darkness of the evil in this world.


Your donations helped refugee children buy text books and school supplies. Bread is being distributed in the capital city. The war has engulfed the whole country.


I hope to see you in church tomorrow.

Hugs and prayers for each one of you.

pastor Peter

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