Small but Powerful

Nuclear energy can be used to create electricity, but it must first be released from an atom. In the process of nuclear fission, atoms are split to release that energy. Jesus shared this same idea with His listeners two thousand years ago when He told them about the potent power of a tiny mustard seed. For that seed to turn into a big bush it needs to split and to break. The power needs to be released. The seeds of God’s power planted in our minds have the potent power of bringing an explosion into our existence; the explosion of grace and love toward every human being. Don’t store these seeds. Let them break your hardened hearts and cold minds.


After I sent my blog post last Friday I was hit by a merciless cold virus. I felt very upset that I had to stay home on a Sabbath day filled with many important events and activities. I am very grateful to our elders stepping in and leading throughout the day. Thank you also for your prayers. By Sunday afternoon my fever was gone and I felt absolutely fine. This was a busy week with visitations, meetings and planning activities. We are about to start another big weekend.

This evening, Friday, July 15, I invite you to come to Ukrainian Vespers. There will be food (borsht, potato perogies, buckwheat with mushroom gravy, blintsi and lots of desserts… don’t you feel hungry already? 🙂 ), authentic Ukrainian music and reports by Barby and Dana, who recently returned from Ukraine. Our featured presenters will be pastor Leo Vertylo (over ZOOM) who is the East Ukrainian Conference president and Victor Czerkasij, who often travels to Ukraine. You are not expected to contribute anything except for your prayers. Just come, be informed and enjoy the food and the music. This will be a short and a dynamic program. The Vespers starts at 6 PM.


Sabbath night will be all about the VBS set up. The VBS is starting on Sunday. Invite your families and friends. Cory Goss and his team prepared an excellent program for the whole week.


Congratulations to Christina and Justine Stone. They welcomed Colton Thomas Stone at 3:11 on July 11. 8 lbs 5 oz. 21 inches long. Here is a quote from their Facebook post: “He’s absolutely perfect and we are all so in love!”


Happy Sabbath. I hope to see many of you tonight.

pastor Peter

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