Sharing God’s Light

The Vacation Bible school was a true blessing for many children from our church and from the local community. Cory Goss and his team put together a perfect program. So creative, fun and inspiring. Every segment of the VBS had dedicated volunteers who were radiating love. What a wonderful church we have. Thank you everyone! On top of everything else the kids and their families raised $1,459.30 for the refugee children in Ukraine. What a great testimony to the loving spirit of our Ooltewah children and their families!



Last Sabbath we were all excited to see how our Cornerstone Building Fund increased by over $500,000!!! What a great blessing. God is truly taking our mustard seeds and turning them into a big tree. Thank you, church! Please mark your calendars for a church Vespers/Social/Business meeting on July 30 starting at 7:30 PM. There will be music, food and prayers for the future of our church ministry.


On Friday, July 15, many of you attended the Ukrainian Vespers. It was so good to see how there was practically no room in the Fellowship hall. We all enjoyed delicious Slavic food, authentic live Ukrainian music, reports from Ukraine, and a ZOOM interview with pastor Lev Vertylo, the Conference president from the war zone region of Ukraine. Many of you contributed generously. Over $105,000 was raised for the refugee children’s camps, orphanages and a new generator for the orphanage in Chernihiv region. Thank you, everyone! I couldn’t hold my tears when Cathi shared me with the financial report. This is the Spirit of Christ at work.


On July 9 our church hosted the first Ministry fair since the beginning of the Pandemic. The Connect committee under the leadership of Mike Haughee planned this very important event. This was intended to help our church members to learn more about the existing ministries, and to find their own place in serving our church and the community. Here is a quote from Mike: “We had a good time last Sabbath evening networking with other Ministry Leaders and getting members signing up to help our ministries. We will have another one late fall or early winter. Thanks to everyone who came out to support our ministries.”


This Sunday, the Children’s Ministry will have a fun event on our church campus. The event will take place in the OAKS gym. Check out the flyer below and bring your family!


From my heart. This week we had all of our grandchildren in town. What a fun (and exhausting 😉 ) time! Thank you, Jesus, for our families.


Happy Sabbath! I plan to seeing you this Sabbath morning.

Pastor Peter

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