Chosen for the Kingdom

Everyone is invited to be part of the Kingdom of God, but not everyone will enter His Kingdom. Christ made a number of statements about the “separation” process. I remember a moment at the passport control booth in the Atlanta airport. A gentleman in front of me was escorted to the office of the border control officer. All I overheard was a short statement about a “fake visa.” I suppose he had a visa. It looked good enough. It looked almost real. I suppose it was hard to tell the difference between the authentic one and the counterfeit, but the officer was able to see the difference. The gentleman didn’t cross the border. Some of us may look almost like the followers of Christ. We may have many features of our character that resemble the ones of God’s children. However, there is chance Christ will say, “Stop! Your visa is fake.” How can I be sure I’ll enter His Kingdom? Let’s talk about it this Sabbath morning during our morning worship services.


This morning I had a great time speaking for OAKS chapel. What a fine school we have! I hope you remember to pray about our teachers and students.


After Chapel our church and school parking lot turned into a fun waterpark. Enjoy a few photos shared with me by the OAKS staff.


Have you signed up for the “Feed My Starving Children” event scheduled for October 1? Please see Lucas Patterson this Sabbath morning in the church foyer. He’ll be happy to answer your questions and to help you get your name on the volunteer list. No fundraising is needed or expected. We raised all the needed funds in 2020. This time bring your caring hands. This will be all that is needed.


I plan on seeing you this Sabbath morning.


pastor Peter

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