Signs and Wonders

“Now, Lord, consider their threats and enable your servants to speak your word with great boldness.  Stretch out your hand to heal and perform signs and wonders through the name of your holy servant Jesus.” Acts 4:29-30

“Christ’s crowning miracle—the raising of Lazarus—had sealed the determination of the priests to rid the world of Jesus and His wonderful works, which were fast destroying their influence over the people. They had crucified Him; but here was a convincing proof that they had not put a stop to the working of miracles in His name, nor to the proclamation of the truth He taught. Already the healing of the cripple and the preaching of the apostles had filled Jerusalem with excitement.” (E. White, AA, 67)


“The Ooltewah Tiny Timberwolves Adventures Club is off to an amazing start! We began our year with our first meeting, held on August 24th, and then our Induction service and fellowship meal on September 2nd. We also had a special visit from Lt. Eric Kitchen and his team with Tri-Community Fire Department this past Wednesday. What a wonderful experience that was for our club, even a few Pathfinders were able to join the fun! 

As of today we have 27 children enrolled in our club. AMEN!!! We also have several new staff members joining this year: Fredra Andrews, Tom McCullough, Michelle Clinton, and Abri Ronel. I also want to mention Kaelyn Orsburn who felt in her heart the call to serve and is participating as our group assistant. We are so grateful to these families for bringing their children to the Adventurers Club and also to our staff for supporting them in learning together and growing in Jesus this year. Thank you, church family, for your outpouring of love, support, and prayers. Please continue to hold these children and their families close in prayer as we continue our year.” – Reported by Staci Rivera


Men’s Ministry remains strong and active. There were 20 men at their last Sunday breakfast. If you have not yet joined the group talk to Matt Geraghty. This may be the blessing that you need in your life.


William and Nancy Mack, good friends of Margo and Mike, who serve in India as ACI (Adventist Child India) directors, will be in Ooltewah this Sabbath. They will share their story during the Vespers @5 P.M. this Sabbath afternoon at our church.

The ACI office is stationed in the country of India. By the answer to prayer this program was started in 2005 by (Late) Mrs. Dorothy Watts. At this time they have about 1,400 children in the Adventist Child India program. The children they help are from Adventist laymen, while some of them are orphans and semi orphans. This program helps children from all over India. They are affiliated with 30 boarding schools located across 16 states in India that help in taking care of the children. They see these dear children who come from very poor and sad homes attend these boarding schools. ACI helps them to become strong and faithful young people that will become strong pillars in their societies. There are so many parents that come to them for help. Like all parents they wish that their children would have the chance for an education that they did not receive, which would help their children achieve their own dreams.


Please uplift in your prayers Vicky McCormick and her family. Her father passed away yesterday.

Prayers continue for Paula Wolf who has a serious health concern and cannot be with us at this time. She is staying with her son. We hope Paula will recover and be with us soon. Meanwhile we’ll miss her organ music.

Last Sabbath Edgel Phillips had an episode during the Sabbath school study. An ambulance was called to evaluate Edgel’s condition. I am glad to share with you that Edgel is doing good. This week he had several doctor’s appointments. We’ll keep Edgel and Carol in our prayers.

Barby (our daughter) and Dana Ursulenko are once again en route to Ukraine. This time they will be coordinating the Light of Hope humanitarian help in the Dnipro region. Dnipro is just a few miles away from the front lines of the war. Your prayers are appreciated. I’ll be sharing more about this mission in the next few days.


Don’t forget to check our church website for more information about the current and the upcoming events.

pastor Peter

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