Under His Wings

The world seems so fragile. Wars, financial challenges, health concerns. Is there a way to feel safe? How can I have peace in my heart? The Lord speaks to us today through prophet Isaiah: “Can a woman forget her nursing child?
Will she have no compassion on the child from her womb?
Although mothers may forget, I will not forget you. I have engraved you on the palms of my hands.” (49:15-16 GW)


Men’s Ministry Update from Matt Geraghty:

“YES Already we are at the tail end of the year and are closing in on the last two men’s Ministry breakfasts for 2022! Gentlemen… & Ladies of the Gentlemen… I thank you for the support over the last year.  It has been a very great time for me as I have learned many of the names and faces of the group!  But admittedly, not all of them, so please come to the last two breakfasts and help me make more connections. Our last two breakfasts will be as follows:

THIS SUNDAY September  25  & Sunday October 23! 

Both of these are in the fellowship hall at 8:30 for the food and 7:30 for fun & games as we set up to cook & gently poke fun at the silly things we do and say… In addition we have a few projects that we will be looking to complete as well so lets come together to make those a shining success as well. Blessing to all and I hope to see you all at the breakfasts.”


This week was our church school Week of Prayer. Every morning all grades met in the sanctuary for prayer and a song service. There were two speakers, pastor Tony Sandoval for the higher grades and Mrs. Connie Reynolds for grades K through 4. This was a great spiritual start for the new school year. We’ll be praying for each student who made a decision to study God’s Word. Both worship services this Sabbath will be the culmination of the week of prayer. You’ll see many OAKS students participate in the services. The services will be held in the Fellowship Hall.


Let’s talk about Christian marriage this Sabbath at 6 PM. Everyone is invited to attend. It’s OK if you didn’t RSVP. There will be enough room and food for everyone. Come if you are happily married, divorced, widowed, considering divorce or excited about starting your family in the future.


October 1 is our big day with a hundred and fifty volunteers packing food for the starving children of the world. Please, contact Lucas Patterson if you signed up but forgot your time slot or your responsibilities 😉


Thank you for your prayers for our daughter. Barby is safely back from Ukraine. More info will be shared in the next few weeks.


Happy Sabbath!

pastor Peter

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