God is Still on the Throne.

Presidents and rulers of this world may claim that they are in charge. They sign laws, start wars and offer peace treaties. They speak and act like they control the present and the future. However, history has proved a simple truth: these rulers come and go. I find comfort in the assurance that God is still on the throne. “

Kings take their stands.
Rulers make plans together
… The one enthroned in heaven laughs.
The Lord makes fun of them.

Yet, the Lord is enthroned forever.
He has set up his throne for judgment.
He alone judges the world with righteousness.
He judges ⌞its⌟ people fairly.

(Ps. 2:2-4 GW, Ps. 9:7-8 GW)


Last Sunday the youth of our church had a great time. About twenty of them went rock climbing at High Point in Chattanooga. After that they all had pizza together. What a fun day! Jenny shared a bunch of photos with me. I wish I could post all of them, but a few are below:


On Wednesday night our Health Ministry team started a seminar which goes nightly though Saturday. I am grateful for the dedicated volunteers. They greet people, help visitors register, cook food for them, etc. Last night Barbara Weimer spoke on the importance of physical exercise and fitness. She will continue tonight.


Tomorrow, Oct 1, is a big day for our church. We’ll be packing food for thousands of starving children in various parts of the world. A hundred and fifty volunteers from our church have signed up to participate in this event. There will be another 150 from our neighbors, the United Methodist church. What a perfect way to show that we care about the suffering children. “I was hungry, and you gave me something to eat. … Whatever you did for one of my brothers or sisters, no matter how unimportant ⌞they seemed⌟, you did for me.’ (Matt. 25:35,40 GW)


A fun church social is coming up soon. Please, add October 22 to your calendar and plan to attend. We have not had a big outdoor church event for a long time. Here is a poster for you:


Yet another excellent program is scheduled for an earlier date. On October 16 all the ladies are invited to participate in the Autumn Applesauce Canning Party. Talk to Summer Bradford or Rhonda Hicks if you need additional information.


I pray that we’ll all have a great Sabbath!


pastor Peter

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