Growing in Christ

Regular church attendance is not enough for a vibrant spiritual life. My active church ministry is not the best indicator of my spiritual growth. It is easy to turn my religious activities into a really nice regimen. Growth may get substituted by idle repetition of religious rituals. The same way parents watch their child’s growth and celebrate every step of their maturity, Christ is encouraging us to grow in our character and practical actions. When we seek this growth we realize that there is no limit to forgiveness, love and grace. Every step on the path of spiritual growth inspires us to reach new summits in the way we relate to God and to other people around us.


I was planning to join the Young at Heart lunch last Wednesday, but unfortunately had to be somewhere else that afternoon. Willis Adams shared lots of great photos with me. I wish I could post all of them here, but for the lack of space I’ll share only three. If you are not a part of this nice group of our church members and friends then talk to Willis and he’ll be happy to introduce you to them.


Last week I shared several pictures from our church bonfire. Lora Standish sent me a few more awesome photos. Enjoy! It was truly a perfect event.


The Cornerstone Church Ministry Expansion fund is growing every week. Thank you for your generous and regular support. We are praying about reaching 2.2 million by December 31st.


Many of you are asking about our support of the people in Ukraine. Here are a few pictures from this week. Lots of medications and warm blankets were delivered to our brothers and sisters suffering in the Chernihiv region. Please remember to pray for these dear people.


This Monday Galena and I are departing for a mission trip to Tashkent, the capital of Uzbekistan. Thirty five million people live in this Muslim country. There are only 10 small Adventist churches in Uzbekistan. The country is five times bigger than Tennessee and there are less than 700 members all together. There is no religious freedom in Uzbekistan. I’ll be holding meetings nightly in the SDA church building in Tashkent. Galena will be arranging meals for the visitors and providing help for the children. Please keep us in your prayers.


I am looking forward to a wonderful Sabbath with you.

pastor Peter

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