2023 Prayer List.

Praying for 2023. What is your prayer list for 2023? Here are a few items from my list:

To live in the life-changing presence of God every moment of the New Year.

To show greater love to every human being.

To find more opportunities to serve people in our community, not just my family and friends.

To see our church expansion start in 2023.

To see friendship grow among our church members.

To see the war in Ukraine come to an end.

These are just a few. I hope you’ve already created your 2023 prayer list.


Mike Haughee sent me a few photos from our December 24 worship services. It was a great Sabbath. The church choir uplifted our spirit. The orchestra created a festive atmosphere. Tommy Fernandez’ baptism brought joy into our hearts. We welcomed a new family (Barbara Suddarth and David Reile) into our church. Cory’s and Amy’s children story made us all laugh… It was a good Sabbath morning.


Here is a sweet experience from one of our Sabbath school classes:

“The Discipleship Sabbath School Class meets in the 7th grade classroom. Our Sabbath School class has been working together with Aimee, the 7th grade teacher, to mentor the 7th grade class students. There are twenty students in the 7th grade, and twenty of our class members have partnered with a student. During this school year these partners have been exchanging notes and prayers. On Thursday, December 22, the last day of school before the Christmas break, thirteen of our Sabbath School members got together with the 7th graders and had a grand time! A few of our Sabbath School class members had baked several dozen cookies, ready for decorating. We brought the decorating supplies and had a cookie decorating party. Everybody had a fine time getting to know our partners better, and watching them be creative with frosting, sprinkles    and other cookie decorating things. The Discipleship class members provided a devotional book as a gift for each of the 7th grade students.

If you talk with Aimee, I believe that she will tell you that her students enjoyed the time together with our class, and do appreciate knowing that some of us “older folks” do take the time to listen to them, and care about each one of them. We will be planning more get-togethers for the coming Spring.” – Mike Harrell.


Our Year End Agape Feast is tonight, Friday, December 30, at 6 PM. This spiritual celebration is planned for all ages. Have you made plans to join our church communion service tonight? This will be a great way for our church to end 2022 in spiritual unity and Christian love.


The Samaritan Center is in desperate need of volunteers this Sabbath, December 31, to move the donated goods into the warehouse. If the Holy Spirit impresses you to celebrate New Year’s Eve by donating an hour of your time to the Samaritan Center, then come to the loading dock at about 6:10 PM.


Please pray for our dedicated volunteers who will be preparing breakfast this Sabbath morning for hundreds of homeless people in downtown Chattanooga. They will start cooking food before 6 AM. What a perfect way to demonstrate our calling to be the caring hands of Christ in this world.


See you tonight. Happy New Year!

Pastor Peter

One thought on “2023 Prayer List.

  1. Please pray for my friend Jayne who lost her son the father of four children. He died unexpectedly from COVID. I also have two other friends Debbie and Dennis who have been sick since Christmas with COVID! Thanks for praying! From Orlinda.


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