Leading by Example

My father was a pastor. I loved watching him read and study for his Sabbath messages. I always believed that no one preached better than him. I wanted be be like him. At the age of five I told my Dad that I wanted to be a pastor. His example was definitive for me. I do not remember much from his sermons, but it was his life that made all the difference for me. Many parents do a great job teaching their children what is right. Unfortunately not so many demonstrate graceful living in their actions. Words are important. Actions are powerful. Can we say like Jesus, “Learn from Me… ” ?


This week I had a nice visit with Bob and Charel Anderson. They shared several stories with me of God’s guidance in their lives. I was so impressed that I asked Charel to share the most recent story with the whole church. I hope your faith will grow stronger after you read it:

Never Forsaken!
Long ago and far away I was a horn player by profession. It was who I was and how I
served the Lord. I loved the Lord and I loved my family and we all loved music until one day I
couldn’t play anymore because of an evil villain by the name of focal dystonia. The doctors
knew it by name but said they didn’t know what caused it and that it couldn’t be fixed. I was
lost and broken. Who was I without music? I didn’t even know how to worship anymore. Music
was my gift and I had lost it. I prayed and prayed and then prayed some more. I even got
anointed. I was assured that God had not forsaken me, that He heard my pleas, and that He
would restore me in His own time. That time might be Heaven but His promise to hear and
answer was sure. I could trust God. By now I had had enough experience to know that was true
beyond any doubt.
When we came to Tennessee, we loved that the Ooltewah church had so much music to
offer and we loved the people and the pastor so we settled our membership here even though
we are here for only half of the year. Wes let me in brass on trombone even though I was shaky
at best and a couple of years later Mary allowed me in orchestra on French horn. It didn’t
happen overnight but gradually my playing got better and the muscle spasms decreased. I don’t
play as well as I used to but then I’m quite abit older than I used to be and haven’t practiced for
all those years but I am so thankful to have music back in my life! To God be the Glory!!!
My husband and I want to give a special thank offering for this miraculous restorative
gift that God has bestowed on us. The orchestra is outgrowing its current rehearsal room and in
order to rehearse elsewhere needs its own set of percussion equipment. We would like to
provide that for the church’s musical needs. It has already been purchased but some is still in
the process of being shipped. The orchestra chimes have arrived and are currently under cover
in the fellowship room to be heard from soon we hope!

Charel and Bob, thank you for your for your generous gifts and for your support of the Ooltewah church music ministry! Below is the picture of one of the instruments donated by the Andersons.


This Sabbath is our monthly Potluck. I hope to see many of you eat and fellowship together. I am still struggling with a bad cough, but I plan on worshiping with you tomorrow.

Please continue your prayers for Julia Easter. She had major surgery this week. She is in a lot of pain. Your prayers are appreciated.

Please also keep John Sabo in your prayers. He is dealing with some serious heart issues.


Stay safe. Our school is closed today because of the potentially severe storms. The weather forecast for tomorrow looks just perfect.

Happy Sabbath.

pastor Peter

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