True Christian Fellowship

Christian community is different from any other society or club. It is not based on one’s status in society, net worth, or political preferences. It actually reminds me of a large group of people at the airport departure gate. These people don’t know each other. They are from various places. They are all strangers, but they are all heading to the same destination. “They get the same offer, same help, same promises in Christ Jesus.” (Eph. 3:6 MSG). Our journey to heaven is almost like that. Some actually feel like they are in first class 😉 others are cramped in economy, but we are all on board of that same aircraft. Get to know your fellow passengers. They will eventually end up at the same airport (God’s Kingdom) with you. No one likes fights during the flight. (They do happen once in a while). Apostle Paul calls this journey “the secret of Christ.” (Eph. 3:4). Some may have better seats, but we are all together. Show grace to your fellow passengers. We all have the same flight Captain.


Last Sabbath we missed many of our children during the Sabbath morning service. It was especially noticeable when the children were invited to come forward for the children’s story. Staci Rivera, our Adventurers Club Director, helped me understand what had happened. Here is her story :-):

“The Adventurers Club enjoyed a wonderful weekend of fellowship and fun at the annual Adventurers Family Fun Weekend at Cohutta Springs Youth Camp! We enjoyed singing, playing games, wonderful Bible storytelling, and lots of other activities. Our club won 1st place in the wagon contest and Adrianna Rivera placed 3rd in the poster contest. The weekend may have started with an overnight storm but the wind and rain did not dampen these Adventurers’ spirits! We are grateful for God’s protection and this wonderful time we were able to spend together with many of our Adventurer families! 

I’m also excited to announce that beginning this fall the Adventurers Club will be meeting one Sabbath afternoon per month in place of bi-weekly Wednesday evenings. We hope that this will allow more families the opportunity to join our club and also foster relationship building both within and amongst Adventurer families. We are so grateful to partner with parents in raising children to know, love, and serve Jesus and are excited for what opportunities this change will bring. Registration information will be made available soon!


On March 25 our church celebrated three beautiful baptisms. Annie Jeffrey, Norma Chua, and her daughter Ashley Chua joined the world wide Seventh-day Adventist Church. All three of them went through thorough Bible study before the baptism. I am very grateful to Ron Malloch for studying with Annie and to Ilka for studying with Norma and Ashley. They gave us a great example of the power of personal Bible studies. Please get to know these ladies and help them feel and know that they have a loving spiritual family.


It was so good to see many of you on Wednesday night for the new series which we started for our Midweek service. Thank you, Greg Leavitt for the innovative and creative approach to the Prayer meeting format. I noticed that there were many of our members who came for the first time. I hope and pray that many more will come.


We have a large number of the Great Controversy books available for sharing. They are free of charge. You can find them in the church foyers. Take as many as you can share. Please share these books not as a threat, but as a guide to a closer relationship with Jesus. If you need a whole case contact me in person or by phone.


I am looking forward to a blessed Sabbath day worship with all of you.

pastor Peter

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