The Light of Christ’s Presence.

“Christ’s followers are to be more than a light in the midst of men. They are the light of the world. Jesus says to all who have named His name, You have given yourselves to Me, and I have given you to the world as My representatives. As the Father had sent Him into the world, so He declares, “have I also sent them into the world.” … While our Saviour is the great source of illumination, forget not, O Christian, that He is revealed through humanity. God’s blessings are bestowed through human instrumentality…. Angels of glory wait to communicate through you heaven’s light and power to souls that are ready to perish…. If Christ is dwelling in the heart, it is impossible to conceal the light of His presence.” (MB, 66)


On Thursday night the Health Ministry team started the first session of the Immune Vitality seminar. Heather Neal presented the first topic. The meeting took place at Ooltewah City Hall. I wish many more of you participated in the event. There will be five more session and I hope you’ll invite your friends and neighbors to receive the blessing.


Our Midweek Bible study experienced a complete makeover. The emphasis this quarter is on the steps leading to Christian growth. Everyone is invited to attend.


Next week is Communion Sabbath. I invite you to celebrate Christ’s power in your life. He died because of our sins. He resurrected to bring us back to life. It is in our communion with Jesus that we find hope and assurance.


Just from my heart.

This week a local pastor from the city of Perm, Russia, contacted me with a request to record a short video greeting for their church. In a few days the church in Perm will be celebrating its 30th anniversary. In 1993 I was invited by pastor Lonnie Melashenko and his Dad, Joe Melashenko, to go to Perm for a series of evangelistic meetings. Our Bible school instructors travelled to Perm six months in advance to start in-person Bible school with hundreds of people who responded to my radio broadcast and asked for Bible studies. On the first night of the meetings we celebrated the graduation of 450 people who completed the full course. At that time there were only fifty church members in the local Seventh day Adventist Church. After 4 weeks of nightly meetings we had a massive baptism with close to 500 people accepting Christ as their Lord and Savior. This week Lonnie, Jeannie, and I had a long phone conversation reminiscing about our special time in Perm. Lonnie sent me a few photos from that event. Below are a couple of them.


Happy Sabbath!

Pastor Peter

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