What Is Your Blood Type?

I may not remember exactly what my blood type is, but I know for sure that I have matching blood in Christ. He is inviting me to “drink His blood”. In other words He is saying that there is healing in His blood. The cancer of sin is destroying me. I feel weak and my prognosis is bleak. But I do not need to remain on hospice care with no hope. There is power in the blood of Jesus. He is strong to help and he can renew my mind. He can soften my temper and change my spirit. He can transform my marriage. He can restore my broken relationships. All this is offered in the healing blood of Jesus. He wants us to be of the same genetic nature as Him. That’s why apostle Peter makes a profound statement in 2 Peter 1:4 “you may be partakers of the divine nature.” It seems unreal but it is a guaranteed reality. It was at the Lord’s Supper table that Christ presented this life-changing truth when He broke a loaf of bread and poured a glass of wine and invited His disciples to eat and to drink His body and His blood to be One with Him.

I am looking forward to the blessed spiritual experience of a Communion Worship service with all of you this Sabbath morning.


OAKS has a new playground! On Friday, April 14 Phase One of our new playground opened up.  Students and teachers gathered after Chapel for a ribbon cutting ceremony and enjoyed playing on the playground equipment afterwards. Phase one included a massive net climbing structure, two new slides, two spinning elements and an upper-body exercise system.  Phase 2 will take place this summer with the replacement of the decking and slides on our existing centerpiece, replacing the swings, and adding an additional swing set.

We want to send a special, heartfelt THANK YOU to Mr. Lambert for spreading new mulch.  He has put in countless volunteer hours making sure the surface of the new playground is perfect.  We also want to thank YOU, our parents, students, families, friends and volunteers for your monetary donations, fundraising efforts, and especially for the volunteer hours helping to set up the new playground.  We could not do it without you.

Thank you, OAKS staff, teachers, students, parents, and church for this exciting improvement to our educational program! Great things are happening at our school. Please uplift our principle, Shelly Caswell, in your prayers especially this weekend as she is celebrating her marriage to a wonderful gentleman from our community, Todd Parrish! Let God’s blessing be with both of them as they are starting their new and exciting journey.


Hey Pastor, just wanted to send you a few pics from last weekend’s women’s retreat at Cohutta. We had a group of 18 ladies and teens. We were truly blessed in getting to know one another, in attending the inspirational seminars, and participating in the music (led by a Kenyan choir and other ladies within our conference). It was also a blessing to meet our NAD Women’s Ministry Director, DeeAnn Bragraw and other leaders within our Southern Union Conference. A huge thank you to Patty Geraghty for putting together a beautiful centerpiece with the theme of “Armed and Dangerous”…..preparing for battle with the armor of God.


On Thursday night the Health Team had their second session of the Immune Vitality seminar. The dinner was absolutely healthy and delicious. It’s not always guaranteed to find these two elements combined in the same meal. Galena and I were impressed with the quality of the program. There are several more sessions ahead of us. I invite you to join the seminar next Thursday at 6:30 PM in the Collegedale town hall building.


Have a blessed Sabbath Day.

pastor Peter

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