Trust in God

We often succumb to anxiety and live in fear because we are confused by the events of this world, problems in our personal life, issues we face at work or in church. Not knowing how to trust God, we lean on our own limited understanding and eventually get angry and frustrated. There is only one sure path to peace. That path is nothing else but Trust in God. He is still in control. This is still His world. He keeps our fragile lives in His strong hands. He still leads His church. He will always be faithful to His Word. “Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding; in all your ways submit to him, and he will make your paths straight.” (Proverbs 3:5-6)


For the past school year, the Discipleship Class has been “sponsoring” the seventh- grade class at OAKS, as we occupy their classroom on Sabbath mornings. Each of our class members has adopted a student prayer partner, and we have all had a good time getting to know our student a little better. And two of our class members even adopted Ms. Veness!
This past Monday, May 15, the Discipleship class had our final event with this group of seventh graders. We enjoyed a picnic together outdoors under the trees in the school yard. The Discipleship Class members provided sandwiches, potato salad, chips, baked beans, watermelon, and desserts, and we all enjoyed sitting at the picnic tables with our partners and sharing.
Our Sabbath School class hopes that these seventh graders will have felt support and love through communication and prayers. We also pray that these energetic and fine young people will find their special place in God’s service as they continue their education. It won’t be long, and these kids will be in college and moving toward adult life and responsibilities. May God bless each one of them.
Mike Harrell
Discipleship Class Facilitator


On Wednesday, May 10, our OAKS students spent an hour hosting their annual walk-a-thon. Students set a goal to finish fundraising for their new playground. The weather was beautiful as students walked 6 to19 laps each….three laps equaling a mile. Sponsors pledged donations based on time walked, laps completed, or a flat donation for the entire event. In all the students raised $11,532.50. Congratulations to our students for finishing the fundraiser! The installation will be completed mid summer. Thank you to all our sponsors for your continued support of our program at OAKS. 


Choose Immune Vitality seminar participants gathered for the last session on Thursday night. As always the food was exceptional and the presentation by Heather Neal was practical and engaging. It was good to see how the attendance grew with each session. All those who attended expressed their appreciation. Thank your, Health ministries team for your commitment in sharing the good news of a healthy lifestyle. I want to seperately thank several of our elders and Rick Banks, the head deacon, who were always there to support the seminar logistics.


Have a blessed Sabbath Day.

pastor Peter

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