United in the Blood of Jesus


MESSAGE. Prayer is the foundation of the Christian home and is one of the best ways to help your family thrive. The glue that holds a family together is relationships – the relationship with God and with each other. Praying together as a family is important because it offers an intentional time of connectivity. This is more than just connection with one another. Through prayer, you are inviting God into the situations where your family needs Him most. It gives you an opportunity to find out what’s happening in each other’s lives, discover one another’s needs and dreams, opens up communication and gives each family member the opportunity to show that you care about each other.

This Sabbath our worship service emphasis is on Christian Family.

MINISTRY. Last week we missed a group of our church members who attended the annual prayer conference. Below is a report from Sondra Chilson: “Thirteen members from our church converged on Cohutta Springs campus to learn how to have a more effective prayer life. We were not disappointed. Pastor Kevin Wilfrey inspired us to spend more time studying and using our prayer life in a more effective way. We need to remove all the obstacles that are holding us back from completely surrendering to lives to God.

I’d like to encourage everyone to go to the Georgia-Cumberland conference website and check out the Prayer Ministries page. There are wonderful resources there. ”

On February 17th we welcomed a new member into our church family. Those of you who attended the second service missed meeting Brandon Sterrett, who was accepted into our church on the Profession of Faith. Below is his photo:


This Sunday morning is Haney’s Hungry Hombre’s! 🙂  Here are more details from Edymar: “At 8:30am in the fellowship hall, we will be having pancakes (gluten free also), eggs, fruit and breakfast links. Come and fill your stomachs while feeding your soul! For those that would like to help cook and set up, please plan to arrive at 730am. Be warned, we have way to much fun but we always get the job done!”

Habitat for Humanity. Last fall the Ooltewah church joined hands with several other churches in building a home for Shan. Many volunteers from our church came to the site once again on February 11th. I’ll attempt to mention everyones names, but I’m sorry if I may miss someone. Edwin and David Reynolds, Mary Angelin and her daughter, Manny Vela, Luis Rivera, Nolan Wright, Sarah and Edymar Penagos. Praise God for their commitment and hard work. Let the pictures below inspire us all to be more engaged in the needs of our community.

Last Sabbath evening, over 25 deacons came together to pray together and to discuss their ministry needs. Thank you Rick Banks for your leadership. Thank you, deacons for your commitment to serve God and His church. I was glad to see that two more deacons agreed to step into the Lead Deacons role. We now need two more individuals to fill these vacancies. Please contact Rick if you are interested in serving in this capacity.

This will be the last Sabbath of February. I’d like to challenge our church to double our local church giving this week. We need to support our local ministries and our school. I’ll be praying that by God’s grace we’ll see a miracle and our February budget will be reached in full. Let’s all be a part of this adventure. Don’t miss the blessing.

PRAYERS. Lelland Zollinger – health concerns.

and of course, I hope you remember about the Emmanuel group concert at 7 tonight, Friday, February 23, at our church. Jaclynn Huse will also be a part of the tonight’s concert. Invite your friends and family.


Have a blessed Sabbath day.


The Cleansing Blood


MESSAGE. “If we confess our sins, He is faithful and just to forgive us our sins and to cleanse us from all unrighteousness.” 1 John 1:9 Even if others haven’t forgiven us, even if we haven’t forgiven ourselves, even if we are still living with the consequences of what we’ve done, God’s forgiveness is thorough. Jesus Christ and His death on the cross paid the whole price for our sin. Because of Him, we can be as completely clean on the inside as we are on the outside.

Tomorrow morning I am starting a new sermon series “Power in the Blood”. Part 1. “The Cleansing Blood”.

“When Christ knelt in agony upon the cold ground of the garden of Gethsemane, the great drops of blood fell down from His face to the ground.  Four thousand years before, when Cain slew his brother, the earth had first felt the touch of human blood, which fell as a withering curse, blighting the fruitfulness of the land. Many times since has the bosom of the earth not only been spotted with the blood of man, but rivers of blood have deluged the ground as armed hosts of human beings, led on by Satan, have slaughtered one another. Every drop of this blood has added to the curse. But how different the effect of the blood of the blessed Saviour! In it was healing, cleansing power.” (CIS 1644)

MINISTRY. Men’s Ministry update shared by Edymar Penagos: First, THANK YOU to all who were able to come out early on Sunday to help prepare breakfast and set up the tables. The food was amazing and ready to eat at 8:30am on the dot. There were so many guys in the kitchen and in the fellowship hall that I lost track of who all was there but you know who you are J I also think that having the Adventurer leaders working alongside us as they prepared breakfast for the kids made it even more fun. Food and jokes were flying everywhere!

The meeting made my heart sing. Looking out and seeing 40+ guys completely tuned in to each of the speakers as they presented shows that God is working on each of your hearts. We have been blessed with the Spirit of God at Ooltewah. It is now our responsibility to be good stewards of His blessing and step up!

As I mentioned in the meeting, you can’t give what you do not have. I encourage you to start your mornings in the word and plug into the source of love. If you seek Him, you WILL be moved by the Spirit. This is the ONLY way to truly change your life.”


Last Sabbath both worship services were held in the Fellowship Hall, but even there the deacons had to look for extra chairs. It is always a high Sabbath when our Pathfinders take the worship service into their hands. Thank you, Cory and your team, for your dedication and your commitment to this important ministry. Thank you, pastor Matt, for your excellent Sabbath morning message. Here is what Cory Goss shared on the Facebook page: “Yesterday was Pathfinder Sabbath and I cannot think of another time when I have been more proud of this group of young men and women. It was amazing to watch each person worshiping God with their gifts. Thank you to all for a top notch Pathfinder Sabbath. Your Awesome and we love you. Mr. Cory”


PRAYERS. Sondra Chilson’s grand-daughter is in surgery this morning (brain tumor being removed). Praying…

Maria Easter has just now been taken by ambulance to Memorial hospital. Praying …

Roger Wolfe is about to start radiation treatment. Praying …

David Bissell has started a 4-week treatment course. It was great to see David in church last Sabbath. He’ll be gone for the next four weeks. Praying…

Lupina Haney’s uncle passed this week. Lupina will be on the road for the next few days. Praying…

Julia Easter is gradually recovering after her surgery. Praying … and praising God.

Howard Kennedy is feeling stronger… Praying and praising God.

Bill Brown is doing much better after several surgeries. Praying and praising God.

Pastor Matthew and his wife are closing on their house in Ooltewah today! Exciting! Praying everything goes well.

See you tomorrow morning.