Here is the Bridegroom!

MESSAGE. Tomorrow is my last message from the “Crossing Over the Desert” series. I’d like us to concentrate on the most profound message of the Advent movement: the good news of the soon return of our Savior, Jesus Christ. Please read Matthew 25-1-13.
In a world filled with violence, tension, and pain we see a bright ray of hope. Jesus is coming soon. Everything will be different. No dying children. No hunger. No more young people struggling with alchohol or drugs. No more political tension. What a wonderful beginning of new things. His Second coming is not doomsday, but a New Beginning.


MINISTRY. Last Friday night twenty four visitors come to the opening night of the”Thunder in the Holy Land” Bible study group. I am sincerely thankful to pastor Ken Crawley and Leanne, for leading the study. Pastor Aubrey and Vlad Zubkov were there to help in several discussion groups after the presentation. Please, continue to invite your friends and neighbors. The study will continue weekly at 6:30 pm every Friday.

On Sunday morning our men gathered for the famous Haney Hungry Hombres breakfast. I feel bad that I could not be there, but I heard some great reports! Thank you, Edymar, for your leadership.

Monday night the Health Ministry team got together to discuss plans for the next few months.  I was very much impressed with their creativity. In the next few weeks you’ll be hearing a lot about the New Start Challenge. This will be a great way to lower our blood pressure, learn how to breath right, and cook not only healthy, but appealing looking and deliciously tasting meals.


The Season of a Change ministry had its regular monthly meeting on Thursday afternoon. Lupina and her team beautifully decorated the fellowship hall. There was lots of food and a sweet concert presented by the OAKS chimes.

On Friday morning we were short on parking spaces around the church as grandparents of our OAKS students gathered in the Fellowship hall. OAKS presented an outstanding concert! I felt proud of our school. Thank you OAKS staff and teachers for your superb work.

The Valley Sign company had a few setbacks with EPB in bringing power to our new LED signs. I was told this morning that company engineers are waiting for an electrical permit  to install the secondary feeder circuits to the signs. I trust that in the next couple of weeks our new signs will be shining bright with colorful messages.

The permit for the new big sign by I-75 has been finally issued by the Hamilton county office and the company will start working on the foundation early next week. I can’t wait!

HELP NEEDED. There will be a sign up sheet in the church lobby for Election Day volunteers. We need volunteers to take shifts from 8am – 8pm. The volunteers can help hand out water and assist those in wheelchairs/walkers.
I pray that tomorrow we’ll make an extra effort to meet our monthly local budget goal. Thank you, church family, for your consistent generous support of our church ministries.

PRAYERS. Your prayers are needed for George Mackel, little girl Zoe, and Celeste Crosby.

Last weekend nature was confused seeing Galena and I sleeping in a tent. Thunder and rain were trying hard to send us back home to our warm bed. However, we prevailed and after  24 hours the rain stopped and we could see beautiful patches of the blue sky. 😊 34F in the morning was not the most pleasant temperature for taking a bath in a freezing cold creek, but we had a wonderful time with our daughters and sons-in-law. It was an awesome adventure hiking to the summit of the Chimney Tops, sitting by the fire wrapped in a blanket, and eating fire-roasted potatoes! What can beat that? Knowing that no one in the whole wide world would be able to reach me on my phone because of the “no service” display on the screen of my phone was definitely a huge bonus to my first ever tent-camping experience 😀.

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Happy Sabbath,


Let Your Light Shine

MESSAGE. “At times our own light goes out and is rekindled by a spark from another person. Each of us has cause to think with deep gratitude of those who have lighted the flame within us.” Albert Schweitzer

MINISTRY. This Sabbath both services will take place in the church Fellowship Hall. “End It Now” is the theme of whole Sabbath day. A Bible-based Sabbath morning message will be presented by a guest speaker, Mable C. Dunbar, Ph.D. We are excited to let you know that this Sabbath, Children’s Church will be held in the Sanctuary during second service for children up to, and including, age 12. Children four and younger must be accompanied by a parent. If you have questions, please let us know. Thank you and God bless.

CEREAL BARREL.  Hunger in the suburbs exists and it is growing. According to the U.S Census Bureau, over 53,000 people in Hamilton County live below the poverty level. Sometimes, hard working adults cannot make ends meet due to underemployment. The effects of hunger on children are devastating and can have lifelong consequences. Proper nutrition is essential for the growth and development of young children. You may help one family at a time by bringing a cereal box and placing it into the CEREAL BARREL in the lobby of our church. God bless you.

OUR OWN CHAMPION. Congratulations to pastor David Bissell. Last Sunday he ran the Chattanooga Bridge 5K and he finished first in his age group! Thank you, David, for your Nobel goal of raising funds for the Worthy Student fund. Under the photo is a short statement from David himself.

“Thank you, church, for your support. It was not an easy race because I don’t enjoy pushing it that hard but it was a worthy project.  Just wanted you to know I came in first in my age group 🙂 Time was 28.39. There were 8 people in my age group which was 70 and above. One man was 89 years old. Thank you to all who have sponsored me or were planning to sponsor me. You can write out a check to OAKS for Worthy Students or give me the check or cash this Sabbath at church. I will be there for both services :-)”

YOUTH MINISTRY. Here is an important message from pastor Aubrey: “Church Bonfire this Sabbath at 6:30 pm. Smores, worship, and fellowship, come out and close out the Sabbath with us. One of our youth, Noah Banks, will be speaking. See you there!”

PRAYERS. Please, pray for George Mackel. He had surgery on Tuesday. Late Tuesday night Pastor Sabo and Steve Bremner drove to his hospital room and performed anointing.  

Have a blessed weekend, my friends. There are many wonderful things planned in our church for the next few days including a Friday night Bible study group at the Samariatan Center at 6:30, Haney Hungry Hombres (Men’s Ministry Sunday Morning Breakfast) at 8:30 am and a Baby Shower for Shelly Turkenkopf on Sunday. I’ll be spending the next few days with my family camping in the Smoky Mountains near Gatlinburg. For Galina and me this will be the first time camping in a tent 😄. Pray for us 🙏

With prayers for you,


Remember the Sabbath Day


MESSAGE. The Good News of the Sabbath is that Christ has brought us “release” (Luke 4:18) and thus we can rest and rejoice in His forgiveness. Freed by Christ’s grace from fear and guilt of our past failures, we begin to comprehend the possibilities and opportunities that God places before us. As we take time to reflect on God’s accomplishments commemorated by the Sabbath, we are challenged to achieve new goals through the assurance of His divine power and presence.

Tomorrow morning I continue my October series entitled “Crossing Over the Desert”. My message will be based on Exodus 19:4-6.

MINISTRY. Early Wednesday morning our Pathfinders left for Camp Kalaqua. From the text messages and Facebook posts I can say that they are having a great time. We’ll keep them in our prayers until they are safely back on Monday morning. Pastor Aubrey is spending this weekend with the Pathfinder club in Florida.

New Directory. Hello! Ooltewah Seventh-day Adventist Church is making a new pictorial directory and wants you to be included. You can make your photography appointment at the church. The photography dates are Sunday and Monday, November 6-7 and Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday, November 13-15. Please make your appointment so you will be included in the new pictorial directory for Ooltewah Seventh-day Adventist Church. Thank you and have a blessed day!

PRAYERS. The following post is copied from Dan Turkenkopf’s Facebook: “Baby Elizabeth Grace is here!!! 5lb 9oz. Mom and baby are doing very well…and surprisingly so am i😉

For our new members and visitors: Dan Turkenkopf is Shelly’s husband. Shelly is our church school principal.



Please, pray for George Mackel. He is still at Standifer Gap rehabilitation center.

Penny Smith is back home after her two surgeries. She appreciates all of your prayers.

ANNOUNCEMENTS. An Evening with Michael Harris

Michael was drowning in a sea of drugs and alcohol but God delivered him by way of the One Step Program (Psalm 40:1-3). He cried out to God and today he shares his miraculous life story that only Christ can give. He is now the President of “Restoration in the Son Ministries International”.

Michael has appeared on various Christian telecasts and radio stations, including TBN, “One Hundred Huntley Street,” and Canadian Broadcasting Christian Network in Toronto, Canada. His testimony and music on the “It is Written” telecast with Mark Finley has blessed millions throughout the world. Michael has appeared on the “Three Angels Broadcasting Network”, the “Hope Channel”, My Story, and My Song, with Kandace Thorpe, along with Elder Don Schneider, on “Really Living”. He recently was invited at 3ABN to do an entire one-hour concert called, “An Evening with Michael Harris,” giving his miraculous conversion story along with his music.

new_michael_harrisMichael is a member of the “The Voice of Prophecy” Family Reunion DVD’s, and has been interviewed by Elder Lonnie Melashanko on the “Voice of Prophecy” radio program. He has also been invited to sing at four General Conference Sessions, including the most recent at GC 2015 in San Antonio. Michael is also passionate about doing Prison Ministry where he inspires inmates to place their trust in Christ alone.

Along with various church outreaches, Michael loves to visit the incarcerated populations around the world with the Good News of Jesus Christ setting the captives free. He has appeared with Elder Doug Bachelor, on “The Amazing Facts” television. Now for more than 26 years, Michael has shared his music and testimony in 50 states and 25 countries, which includes the United States, Canada, Caribbean Islands, Europe, Australia, New Zealand, and the Fiji Islands. He is regularly invited to present his ministry at Camp meetings, including Big Camp, in Queensland Australia and Camp Meeting in Perth, Australia as well as all denominational churches, prisons, and Men’s Retreats.

But nothing captures the heart like his live presentations with power point images which are extremely passionate and spirit-filled. You must see him to experience God’s life changing power. Michael knows that without Christ he can do nothing and solely depends on the Holy Spirit working in and through him.

Come this Sabbath at 6 PM and be blessed by his testimony and music.

Michael will also sing special music for both services tomorrow morning.

HOPE Bible study group meets tonight at 6:30 at the Samaritan Center community room.

FULL CHURCH POTLUCK is tomorrow after the second service. Everyone is welcome. Bring your favorite dish to share with the visitors.


For more announcements and this week’s church bulletin click here.

Online giving is available on the church website.

See you tomorrow. Blessed Sabbath day to you.


Free From the Dominion of Sin

9-the-tenere-desert-is-one-of-the-most-beautiful-areas-of-sahara-photo-by-matthew-paulson-flickrMESSAGE: In October I am starting a new sermon series entitled “Crossing into the Promised Land.” Tomorrow is Part 1. “Free from the dominion of sin.” This series is inspired by themes from the Book of Exodus.

The message for the people of Israel is also for us. We are going to the Promised Land, our heavenly home that Jesus has prepared for us. How important it is to remember who we are, where we are coming from, why we are here, where we are going, and to Whom we belong! Ellen G. White encourages us to remember the Lord’s care for us. She says: “When temptations assail you, when care, perplexity, and darkness seem to surround your soul, look to the place where you last saw the light. Rest in Christ’s love and under His protecting care. When sin struggles for the mastery in the heart, when guilt oppresses the soul and burdens the conscience, when unbelief clouds the mind, remember that Christ’s grace is sufficient to subdue sin and banish the darkness. Entering into communion with the Saviour, we enter the region of peace” (The Ministry of Healing, p. 250).

MINISTRY: Tonight is the Adventure Club Induction service. Last Wednesday night the Adventurers had a rehearsal in the sanctuary right before the Prayer meeting. It was great to see our sanctuary filled with happy, active, little green angels ;-). Thank you, Becky Denton for your leadership. You have a wonderful team and we’ll keep y’all in our prayers. You are teaching our little ones to follow Jesus. God bless you!

Last Sunday church the deaconesses gathered together for prayers and ministry planning. Here is a brief update from Sarah Penagos, who is assisting Nancy Smiley in this important church department:

“Our church is growing and changing as the Holy Spirit leads us, and that means we also must grow and change in our ministries to follow God’s lead. There will be a deaconess training and organizational meeting in the coming weeks to equip our current deaconesses and invite ladies who may not yet be plugged into a servant group. We want to minister to those around us and care for our church in a way that utilizes our gifts and meets needs. If you are currently a deaconess or junior deaconess, be on the lookout for more information and make this training a priority. If you are not yet a deaconess but are interested in learning more, please contact me, Sarah Penagos, as or 813-892-5135. Let’s be all about Jesus and follow His example together.” Sarah

Young At Heart had their monthly lunch on Thursday afternoon. I very much enjoy this happy group. The food was great, but the company was even better. These lunches are open to anyone who loves smiles and food. Contact Nancy or Lupina regarding November lunch plans.

Hope Bible study class will meet tonight at the Samaritan Center at 6:30 P.M. I realized that many of you have never heard about this evangelistic opportunity. The class is sponsored by the Ooltewah church and meets there every week. Starting October 21 this group will launch a new study known as Thunder in the Holy Land. Next week our church will mass mail 10,000 invitations to almost every address in Ooltewah. Flyers will also be available at church. Spread the word. Share the invitation.

CONNECT: Every week new members join our awesome church family. I am trying to feature as many of them as possible in my weekly email message, but I am far behind. There are several more families introduced in our October church newsletter. Here is a link to the e-version. The printed version will be available tomorrow morning at church.

Here is our family of the week :-): “Hi! This is Wendy, Zander and Kaitlyn:  We have recently moved to Ooltewah from Northwest Georgia. Zander and Kaitlyn are in 7th grade at OAKS.  They enjoy music, swimming, and hiking. We are happily settling into the area and are blessed to join the Ooltewah church!”


NEW CHURCH DIRECTORY. With so many new members joining our congregation the time is right for a new church directory. Here is a word from Michael Haughee:

“Hello! Ooltewah Seventh-day Adventist Church is making a new pictorial directory and wants you to be included. You can make your photography appointment at the church. The photography dates are Sunday, Monday November 6,7 and Sunday, Monday, Tuesday November 13,14,15. Please make your appointment so you will be included in the new pictorial directory for Ooltewah Seventh-day Adventist Church. Thank you!”

Cheerful Giver church. Through the month of September you have faithfully and generously supported our local church budget. Once again we met our monthly goal! Thank you! If you have not yet tried our $15 per week per member goal it is never too late. The blessing will be yours. I know that many of you are giving much more than this. God bless you.


MEMORIAL SERVICE – A memorial service for Eva Nordgren will take place on Sabbath afternoon in the Sanctuary @ 4:00 o’clock. Family and close friends are invited to stay for the Reception after the service.

PRAYERS. Penny Smith had two major surgeries this week. She is grateful for the prayers. Even though she is still at Memorial hospital her face is radiating with positive spirit and smiles.

Barbara Kraner’s sister Kay had surgery. She requests our prayers.

ANNOUNCEMENTS: Click here for the full list of announcements and Sabbath church bulletin. 

Join us for END IT NOW Sabbath on October 22 to learn how you can help break the cycle of domestic abuse. Click on the picture to learn about the upcoming event. 


See you tomorrow morning,