You Are The Salt

UnknownMESSAGE. In Matthew 5:13 Christ is compelling us to play our part in impacting the world around us. You may not be able to speak like the apostle Paul or travel the world preaching the gospel, but you can change the world around you one person at a time. If we all play our part in making a positive impact on those we come in contact with, I believe this world will be a better place.

This Sabbath morning we will continue studying the spiritual foundation of authentic church community.

MINISTRY. Last Sunday the Ooltewah church elders gathered our ministry leaders to thank them for their commitment and for their service to our congregation. Not everyone could join the meeting, but those who came enjoyed good food and a wonderful atmosphere. There was time for prayer, words of affirmation, laughs and gifts. Once again I felt honored to be a part of this church. Thank you, elders, for your creative spirit. Thank you for keeping this church united in the spirit of Christ. Below are a few photos from the meeting:


The Bridge Ministry. We are blessed to be able to serve not only to our immediate church community, but to those who are seeking friendship and spiritual support in the Assisted Living Center in Ooltewah.


On Friday we will celebrate our summer Agape Feast. In preparation for the event our head deaconess, Lupina Haney, had to drive to Sam’s Club to buy the necessary supplies. As Lupina is still recovering after a recent surgery she needed helpers. God sent her more than one angel. Thank you, Sarah and Katherine Bremner, and Lily Cunningham.



PRAYERS. I invite you to pray for our church member Herb Weise who’s been in the hospital since Tuesday.

Brent McCutchen was taken to the Emergency room on Thursday with a heart problem. He is currently on vacation in Florida. As I’m writing this blog he is still in the hospital. His spirit is good, but we will keep praying for the right treatment for his condition.

Pastor Matthew and his family are on vacation this week. We miss them and we will be praying for their safety.

Pastor Aubrey was in a car accident this week while in Florida. The car is totaled, but she is doing alright. We will be praying for more angels to surround Aubrey and to keep her safe.

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