Pray for Living Hope

MESSAGE. A “living hope” is my assurance that I’ll get through this day. My friends may turn away from me, people may judge me, stock markets may fall, my health may fail me, but I keep looking forward with confidence. Christ will not fail me. His presence is real; He is my “my present help in troubles (Ps. 46). I’ve seen His miracles in the past. My future is guaranteed by His promise: “I will come again”.

Tomorrow morning is my last sermon from the “7 Prayers” series. Let us learn to pray for the living hope!


We have some exciting news! Although we were not able to have our usual VBS program this summer, we have been hard at work on a virtual VBS. It will premiere on our church YouTube channel September 21-25 at 7pm each night. Join us on an adventure with Katie and Indy the archaeologists as they learn from David the shepherd how God is our Good Shepherd!


Our Outdoor Sabbath School under the trees was well attended. We had a Primary Zoom class at one table and Cradle Roll youngsters at another. We were happily surprised when Ava brought her 3 young chickens to class. 
Here are a few pictures from that Sabbath shared by Connie Reynolds, the SS Superintendent.

Sabbath School classes. Here is more from Connie: “After a two week hiatus we are back to “regular” Sabbath School classes tomorrow. That may be fully in person or a hybrid with some members on Zoom. As time goes by, we hope to reclaim more of our members. Let’s do our best to stay in touch with those not yet attending.  The secretaries should be bringing your materials for 4th quarter as well as the offering envelopes.  I will be around to keep track of our numbers as we discussed. Hopefully I won’t interrupt. Because of that two-week break, we will have SS Council in October. Date to be determined. Please let me know if I can be of assistance in any way. Thank you for your dedication and enthusiasm!


Community service. Sincere words of appreciation to all those who came to help at the Samaritan Center last Sabbath night. There were very few who showed up. I am especially thankful to those ladies who volunteered to help and worked hard until late. You, ladies, know who you are. I hope next time we’ll get better participation from our church.


Worship Services. The last two Sabbaths we were blessed with great weather which was a blessing for our outdoor worship services. Tomorrow, September 12, we’ll resume our regular worship service schedule. The 9 AM service will be held in the Sanctuary and the 11:30 AM service in the Fellowship Hall. Sabbath School program starts at 10:20. Out of love to others, please follow the Guidelines voted by the church board.

Last Sabbath a group of your SAU students beautified our service with special music. Let me encourage you to get to know these young people personally and help them feel welcomed to our congregation.


Many of you attended the Memorial Service for Bettie Chastain last Sabbath afternoon. Over 250 people watched online throughout the week. The burial service took place on Sunday morning. I am very grateful to the Bradford family for uplifting our spirit that morning with beautiful music.


It is with a heavy heart that I share with you the sad news about Howard Kennedy‘s passing. Howard was one of the pillars of the Ooltewah Seventh-day Adventist Church. He served as a school principle for many years, and provided an Adventist education for hundreds of children. Howard was a loved and a respected elder of our church until he stepped down from the leadership position due to his weakening health. A memorial service for Howard is being planned for Sabbath afternoon on September 19. The specific details of the service are still being worked out by the family. Please, continue to pray for June and the whole Kennedy family.


PRAYERS. Julia Easter, health concerns. Darlene Turner, chemo treatment.


Weekly church bulletin: access here

Online giving: tithe and offerings

Last weeks Worship service and SS recording: watch here

September 12 Worship service streaming link is here. The link will go live @ 9 AM on Sabbath morning.

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