Love One Another


MESSAGE. “Love is not only something you feel, it is something you do.” (David Wilkerson).  In his first letter, apostle Peter is reflecting on the matters of practical Christian living. In chapter one his emphasis is on holiness. If we claim that we are the children of God we’ll reveal it by loving one another. “Since you have purified your souls in obeying the truth through the Spirit in sincere love of the brethren, love one another fervently with a pure heart” 1 Peter 1:22. We love God because He gave us His Son, Jesus; but why should we love other people?

Tomorrow morning I’m starting a new short sermon series on 1 Peter.

MINISTRY. Ooltewah church is known for its music ministry. We are blessed with great pianists, organists, and trumpet players! Last Sabbath our worship service spirit was uplifted by an awesome choir performance. Thank you, choir members, Thank You, Larry! The church choir will sing again next week with a bonus program in the afternoon. Tomorrow, OAKS Bells will play for both services. I am sure you’ll not want to miss church tomorrow.

Cereal Barrel ministry is providing food for hundreds of individuals in our own community. Some weeks I see the barrel overflowing with cereal boxes. However, I noticed that in the last couple of weeks our barrel was half empty. If the Lord is inviting you to help our community through this ministry don’t wait for too long. He needs you now :-)!

Remember our prayers for a miracle in the local church church budget for the month of March? I know that many of you responded to a challenge and gave extra. Thank you, church! We met our goal in March and covered the deficit of the previous two months! Please remember to say a prayer of praise for the Spirit of God working in this church.

This week I received a photo from the orphanage in Eastern Ukraine. On the photo (posted below) you can see children drinking water. This purified water is delivered daily to the orphanage because of your support of the Light of Hope ministry. In June I’m heading back to the war zone of Eastern Ukraine. Please, keep this ministry in your prayers. Doors of religious freedom are rapidly closing in that region.


This Sunday OAKS and Bowman Hills schools band will perform on Cambridge Square in Ooltewah. The concert will start at 4 pm. Invite your family and friends. Come to enjoy the beautiful music. Free snacks and water will be provided by our church. Don’t forget to share Discovering Hope Bible seminar brochures with your friends.


Jerry Lastine

Roger Wolfe

Pete Roger

Easter Fowler


April NEWSLETTER is up on the church website. Click here to access the digital version. Thank you, Alisa! Great job!


There is a number of important announcements posted in this week’s church bulletin. Click here to open the bulletin. 

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