The Blessed Hope



Jesus Christ “is coming with the clouds” (Rev. 1:7). He is the King over all other kings and rulers. (Rev. 1:5). He has already “made us to be His kingdom” (1:6). When life treats us unfairly, and pain becomes unbearable we have a hope that Jesus is faithful to His word. His is not disconnected from our joys or troubles. He loved us and liberated us (v.5). It is this faith that can shape our present reality.


Last Sabbath night church elders invited new members to a special dinner. These kind of dinners help our leaders to connect with new members. Every six months about 25 to 30 individuals join our church. We don’t want them to be lost. It is humanly impossible for two pastors to remain in regular communication with all who join our church families. This is why church elders step in and offer their help and friendship. I am very grateful to an excellent team of elders in our church. Special Thank You to Sarah Penagos, Celia Cruz, Lupina Haney, Juanita Rose, and Janet Goss for making it a special evening.

Pastor Matthew shared with me the following fun report: “A number of our young families enjoyed our Pre-K pool party this past Sunday. We had around 40 people in attendance. The weather was perfect for swimming and the water was refreshing! Our summer intern, Jaudé Barboza, also attended and visited with the families. We appreciate her ministry in our church! We’ll be planning more events for young families in the future, so stay tuned for details.”


Thank you, church, for supporting our local church budget in June. We met our goal and all ministries received their regular allocations. This is how we all work together in serving our church and community needs. I pray that we continue with the same spirit through July. Every dollar matters! Do you know that you can always contribute through our church website? The address is . Also, Adventist Giving apps are available for download at Google play and the App Store. There is no additional charge or fees for using these online resources.


Please continue to pray for:

June and Howard Kennedy

Sharon McKee (recovering after the fall)

Jim Boles (health concerns)

Sondra Chilson (upcoming health tests)

From my heart:

Please pray for our grandson Pierce, who broke two bones in his wrist last Sunday. It is not easy for Pierce to adapt to a life with a full-arm cast. The next day “flying” around the house he fell again and got a big bump on his head 😦

This week Mila Natalia is visiting our home with her parents (Dasha and Kevin Crawford). To control the crowd of all those who want to carry her on their arms we had to create a 24 hour schedule 🙂 By the end of the day Mila made it clear that she prefers her Mom because she has something we all lack  … breastmilk 🙂

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