God’s Law is My Guide

As we are starting a New Year let us remember the promise of the Lord: “I will instruct you and teach you in the way which you should go; I will counsel you with My eye upon you.” Psalm 32:8. There are many influential people in this world who claim they know where to lead us in 2023. They may be popular, experienced, convincing, but in the end they are still human. They make mistakes and change their agendas. There is only one sure guide that remains unchanged over the course of history, it is God’s Law given for our safe passage through the twisted labyrinth of this complex world.


Congratulations to Andre Delgado, Elizabeth Zerne, & Emily Reynolds. They got baptized on December 31. I am sure there was a great celebration in heaven. There was definitely joy in our church.


Seventeen volunteers came to the Community Kitchen downtown Chattanooga to feed the homeless on December 31. This is a powerful testimony to the priorities in the ministry of our church. We are here to serve! Thank you, everyone. I am sure it was a blessing to about 150 people who needed a hot breakfast on the last day of 2022. Thank you, Natalia Stillman, for the photos.


We are just one week away from a major Evangelism training event. Next Sabbath, January 14, you are all invited to stay for the afternoon seminar which will be presented by Russ and Crystal Jenson. There will be a Fellowship meal after the second service before the seminar. Please plan to attend. It would be really helpful if you could bring your favorite dish.


Our Cornerstone Building Fund is growing. We are very close to the 2 million mark. Wholehearted Thank You to all who contributed to this fund during our Christmas season. January gives us a fresh start in achieving the 2.2 mln goal.


Please pray for the Reynolds family. Connie’s mother, Nellie, passed this morning in California. Connie and Edwin are driving to CA.


pastor Peter

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