“I Am With You Always”.

November-13-image-Matthew-28-Mark-16-I-Am-With-You-AlwaysMESSAGE. Now it is time to proclaim the Kingdom of God to all nations.  Jesus instructed His disciples to go, teach and baptize all nations. What were they to teach? They were to teach people to observe all things Jesus had commanded. Finally He ends with the promise of assurance. He promised that He would be with them always. They would not have to worry about being alone. They would not have to be overcome with fear and doubt. Jesus was with them.

This promise is extended to us today. Jesus promised that He would be with us, even until the end of the world. There is nothing that can separate us from His love. Regardless of our situations, we must know and have confidence that Jesus is with us always.

MINISTRY. I have not been posting anything on my church blog for the last two weeks for two very simple reasons: I was either standing in front of a crowd of people preaching or catching numerous flights. Actually since the day I left for Russia/Ukraine I preached in total forty times. In between these preaching engagements I accidentally marched through the streets of Moscow alongside the Russian Communist party leader, Comrade Zuganov; presented  Bible studies to the baptismal class; took an 18 hour train ride to the war town zone of Eastern Ukraine learning through your own headache that second-hand smoke does kill; met hundreds of wonderful spiritually-hungry people who take every possible seat an hour before the meeting starts; spent a night in the emergency room where you’re expected to appear with your own syringes, medications, and toilet paper; learned that God is strong to help and to heal; realized what great God we serve when 300 people joined the baptismal class! If you are still not convinced that we’re living in a very special time in the history of this world come tomorrow morning to hear the expanded version of my mission trip report.

I’d also like to express my heartfelt THANK YOU to our wonderful office staff and ministry leaders for doing an exceptional job while your pastor was on another continent. During my first visit with the church board two and a half years ago you asked me to build a church that is not “pastor dependent.” So, you got it! 🌟

Chattanooga Community Kitchen. Ooltewah church shows its caring spirit in helping feed the hungry in downtown Chattanooga. Thank you, everyone who got up early Sabbath morning on March 11 to cook and serve breakfast to hundreds of dear souls. I borrowed the photos below from Becky Denton’s Facebook:

Everyone is invited to a concert tomorrow night. The Concert starts at 7 pm. Details below:

Sabbath picnic. The forecast is threatening a high chance of rain tomorrow. The picnic that was originally supposed to be held at Elsie Holmes Nature Park will be moved to the Fellowship Hall following 2nd service. We still plan to eat picnic foods together.

Helpful Resources: Tithe and Offerings Online Giving 

Weekly Church Bulletin and Inserts

Happy Sabbath! See you tomorrow morning,


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